02June2004 a pair of ravens

Here is a clip from the recent alog-david grubbs collaboration at the Random System Festival called a pair of ravens

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29May2004 Live at kvarteret

Phonophani will make a short live appearance at the student radio festival at Kvarteret, Bergen 29.5. Watch out for the special guest!

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20April2004 Alog with David Grubbs

Live at the random system festival

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03April2004 The art of tuning

After a very special meeting with composer and tuning-expert Ole-Henrik Moe, Phonophani today got tuned in to the system "gorrlaus" from ancient norwegian fiddle music.... gorrlaus.mp3

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03April2004 Alog at SPOT10

Alog will play a concert in Aarhus, Denmark 5. june at the Spot festival.

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30March2004 Random System Festival

15-18 april 2004
oslo - notam, blå and parkteatret

Aeron and Alejandra • Jazzkammer • Hc Gilje • Next Life • Alog • David Grubbs • Andreas Tilliander • Sagor & Swing • Kim Cascone • Jan Jelinek • Gert Jan prins • Kelly Davis • Animal Collective


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18March2004 Spring alog

So what's up with Alog? Have they gone into their annual winter hibernation? Yes, but a creative one. We have been working hard on our next album, which is nearly there now. While waiting for that we will release a collection of the various bits and pieces released outside of Rune Grammofon, together with some live material and some previously unreleased tracks. It will be released on safe-as-milk, when the autumn leaves start falling.

To catch us live the next few months you must either travel to Blå in Oslo for the Random System festival the 16. april where we will be teaming up with the wonderful David Grubbs for a night of collaboration. Or you could go to Switzerland in the start of June, for a show at Bad Bonn in Düdingen.

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12March2004 Live at the safe-as-milk festival

photo by Lasse Marhaug

18February2004 Alogic Studios snapshot